Guide for the best ski and snowboard schools in St. Moritz

Top 7 Ski Schools in St. Moritz

Beginners, children, advanced or experts can perfectly learn how to ski on the slopes of St. Moritz or improve their skills here! St. Moritz provides some of the best slopes in the world and of course where it is great to ski you will also find the best teachers! There are a lot of ski schools in St. Moritz and some are much better than others. To make sure you will be in the best hands, our winter’s sport expert Sebastian Uhland checked out the ski schools and recommends you only the seven best. 1. PassionSki Ski School (perfect for skiing) When a ski school has passion in its name, you know you can‘t go wrong. This unique "slow" ski school makes sure that you improve your skills while appreciating the landscapes and life itself. The instructors are highly qualified, dedicated, and passionate about the great outdoors. A ski session with them is just like skiing with an old friend! Top tip: Advanced skiers looking for a challenge should book a private telemark skiing lesson. Visit Website - PassionSki 2. Skischule St. Moritz / Calerina – Samedan (perfect for kids) This ski school is the largest and oldest ski school in Switzerland, with more than 350 excellent teachers from all over the world. The little ones, together with the mascot "Snowli", learn how to stay on the boards and adults can learn how to ski from the pike or improve their skills. Top tip: The ski school offers childcare, lunch and much more. Visit Website - Skischule St. Moritz/Calerina - Samedan 3. Schweizer Ski- und Snowboardschule Pontesina (perfect for cross-country skiing) In the Schweizer Ski- und Snowboardschule Pontesina the teachers are experts in cross-country skiing and also alpine skiing. Together with your children you can either book a beginners course or improve your abilities, to have much more fun on the boards! Top tip: You can also rent your equipment at this ski school – in case you are not sure what the right thing is for you! Visit Website - Schweizer Ski- und Snowboardschule Pontesina 4. Schweizer Skischule Corvatsch AG (perfect for international skiers/snowboarders) At the Schweizer Skischule Corvatsch AG you can ski, snowboard or immerse yourself into several other winter sports possibilities. You can either book a private teacher or a group course. Top tip: The school employs teachers from all over the world – it’s highly likely that one will speak your preferred language. Visit Website - Schweizer Skischule Corvatsch AG 5. Schweizer Ski- und Snowboardschule Zuoz – La Punt (perfect for Snowboarding) The Schweizer Ski- und Snowboardschule Zuoz is the ideal school for snowboarders. This school teaches you snowboarding from the start. For the advanced they also teach great tricks on the snow. Top tip: The school also offers courses for ski tours and snowshoe hiking. Visit Website - Schweizer Ski- und Snowboardschule Zuoz 6. Freesyleschool St. Moritz / Calerina Samedan (Perfect For Freestylers) As you can guess from the name, the Freestyleschool is the perfect school for the aspiring freestyler. Experts will guide you and show you how to have the best fun in the snow parks or off the slopes. Top tip: Children are very welcome in this school – The teachers will ensure the kids have as much fun as possible at the snow parks! Visit Website - Freesyleschool St. Moritz / Calerina Samedan 7. Suvretta Snowsports St. Moritz (Perfect for Off the slopes enthusiasts) The Suvretta Snowsports St. Moritz will show you the secret spots of the ski area. Taking you away from the slopes you can ski or snowboard through untouched snow in beautiful surroundings! The passionate teachers will encourage you, push you to your limits and celebrate your achievements afterwards. Top tip: You can book a private teacher to progress quickly, in a short amount of time! Visit Website - Suvretta Snowsports St. Moritz