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Vista Eye Care Centers

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Located in Zurich and throughout Switzerland, the Vista Group boasts a broad network of esteemed ophthalmologists and specialists. From high-tech treatments to state-of-the-art surgeries and cutting edge therapies, the Vista eye care centers are your go-to option for any eye-related care.

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The Vista Group has a new diagnostic and treatment center in Zurich, conveniently located in the heart of the CBD. Getting there from the Zurich International Airport will take 15 minutes by taxi. If central Zurich doesn’t suit, the group also has a wide range of clinics, ophthalmologist practices and treatment centers throughout the country. You’ll find a Vista Clinic in northwest, southeast, and east Switzerland—there are over 20 Vista eye care centers to choose from.

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From its first humble practice founded in Binningen 30 years ago, the Vista Group has expanded to become a powerhouse in ophthalmologic care. With 20 elite medical institutes located in Switzerland, this large, locally-owned chain retains a well-respected reputation around the globe. Around 350 employees work for Vista, from highly-skilled ophthalmologists to customer-focused administrators and a friendly nursing team. Although the group specialises in ametropia correction, macular degeneration therapy, and cataract surgery, it also offers a slew of aesthetic surgery services. Ophthalmologist practices and treatment centres complement its ubiquitous eye clinics to provide a broad range of comprehensive eye-related medical services.

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350 staff 20 (clinics) eye care centers 30 years of experience in the field

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Ophthalmology Ophthalmology is the core field of expertise at the Vista Group. The company employs numerous specialist ophthalmologists who offer a high level of eye-related treatments, operations, and interventions throughout Switzerland. Cutting edge research and state-of-the-art equipment complement the internationally-acclaimed team. Some of the most common eye conditions the Vista Group can treat include: Cataracts Glaucoma Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) Corneal diseases Eyelid diseases Retinal diseases Neuroophthalmological diseases Squinting (strabismus) Tear duct disorders Dry eyes Inflammatory eye disease Don’t see your condition on the list? The Vista Group may still be able to help. Get in contact to see the full range of treatments for eye-related diseases. Aesthetics & plastic surgery In addition to its broad range of ophthalmology services, the Vista Group runs an aesthetics and plastic surgery programme. Based on innovative new technology, the team offers everything from non-invasive treatments to complex plastic surgeries. All procedures are specially designed with longevity in mind—the goal is to get you looking your best for the rest of your life. Some of the most common aesthetics and plastic surgery procedures at the Vista Group include: Eyelid lifts Full face contouring (shapes and shades) Ear corrections Eye bag corrections Wrinkle treatments with injections Rhinoplasty Wrinkle treatments with hyaluronic acid Wrinkle treatments with autologous fat or stem cells Lip augmentations Thread lifts Hair loss correction Cheek re-modelling Skin rejuvenation Liposuction Hand rejuvenation Breast augmentation with implants Breast augmentation with autologous fats Hybrid I/E breast augmentation

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Vista Eye Care Centers
Zurich, Zurich Region
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