Clinica Sant'Anna, Sorengo

Clinica Sant'Anna, Sorengo

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Clinica San't Anna, Sorengo, Switzerland

Situated in the plush city of Sorengo by Lake Lugano in southern Switzerland, Clinica Sant'Anna is home to the largest maternity ward in the region and welcomes 850 newborns every year. Its high-tech neonatal facility is famed for its premature baby ICU, as well as its five state-of-the-art operating theatres that administer a multitude of procedures. Head to Clinica Sant'Anna for high-quality healthcare a woman can rely on.

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Clinica Sant'Anna resides in the city of Sorengo in southern Switzerland, some 30 minutes from the border with Italy. Nestled alongside the shimmering Lake Lugano beneath the ice-capped Swiss Alps, the city boasts both majestic scenery and an eclectic mix of Swiss-Mediterranean culture and cuisine. Milan's Malpensa International Airport is one hour away, making this renowned healthcare facility easily accessible from almost anywhere in the world. Patients can make use of undercover onsite parking as well as an elegant cafeteria serving hot coffee and light meals.

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Since its foundation, the Sant'Anna Clinic has been renowned for its world-class maternity department, which now welcomes almost 900 newborns into the world each year. The prestigious department accepts both foreign and Swiss patients, offering a wide range of services across multiple medical disciplines. Highly skilled surgeons, well-trained nursing staff, cutting edge technology, and bespoke patient care ensure Sant'Anna Clinic remains a benchmark for women's health. Patients visiting from abroad will appreciate the facility's convenient location near Milan, as well as its comprehensive hotel and travel services.

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86 beds 75 doctors 188 healthcare workers 850 annual births 3,390 annual admissions

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Clinica Sant'Anna in Sorengo is a leading hospital that specializes in a wide range of medical and surgical treatments. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and employs highly skilled medical professionals who are dedicated to providing the best care to their patients. One of the specialties of Clinica Sant'Anna is cosmetic surgery. The hospital offers a range of procedures such as buttock lift, cellulite treatment, liposuction, stretch mark removal, thigh lift, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction. The hospital also provides genital surgery for men and women. Clinica Sant'Anna is also well-known for its expertise in the treatment of breast cancer. The hospital offers a range of treatments such as hormonal or chemo therapy, mastectomy, breast reconstruction surgery, and therapy for all breast cancer stages. In addition to these specialties, Clinica Sant'Anna offers a range of other medical services such as diabetes consultancy, gastric ulcers and gastritis treatment, colon surgery, and treatment for inflammatory bowel disease. The hospital also provides cancer screening, cardiac screening, and full-body check-ups. For those who are looking for cosmetic treatments, Clinica Sant'Anna offers eyelid lift, lipofilling, liposculpture, nasal reshaping, scar removal, wrinkles removal, and wrinkles treatment with botox or laser. The hospital also provides treatments for spider veins and varicosis. Overall, Clinica Sant'Anna in Sorengo is a hospital that provides a comprehensive range of medical and surgical treatments. The hospital is dedicated to providing the best care to its patients and employs highly skilled medical professionals who specialize in various fields.

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