Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Location icon Bad Ragaz, St. Gallen Region

Top Wellbeing & Health Resort – Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

A world-class wellness resort with a sublime spa, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is one of Switzerland’s finest. Guests get access to gourmet gastronomy, including three Michelin Starred venues. Perfect for both summer and winter escapes, the hotel has an enviable location in the scenic Swiss holiday destination of Heidiland.

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This luxurious five-star resort sits in the foothills of the scenic Swiss Alps, about one hour’s drive from Zurich. A wide range of sports and activities are available year-round, with options to suit the whole family. From Nordic walking to cycling and snowshoe trekking to alpine skiing, there’s ample opportunity to keep active. For something more relaxing, soak your stress away in the Tamina Gorge thermal springs—these mineral-rich waters sit at a comfortable 36.5 °C. Pfäfers hunters first discovered the age-old site, which heralded the beginning of the Bad Pfäfers history (and later the Bad Ragaz). There’s a museum in the Old Pfäfers Baths, which showcases their centuries-old healing and bathing traditions.

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The cornerstone of the Bad Ragaz approach is to “live healthy and stay healthy.” The resort houses some of the finest nutrition and healthcare centres on the continent. Core competencies include nutritional medicine, lifestyle optimization, sports medicine, beautification, and rheumatology. Spanning a staggering 14,650 m2, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz wellness centre is among the largest in Europe. Its naturally sourced 36.5° C thermal spring water serves as the central warming element. Within the Thermal Spa, you’ll get access to soothing thermal baths, steamy saunas, and holistic wellness practices like massage and sauna rituals. There’s also a sports and fitness centre to help keep you active. The Tamina Therme is a collection of elegant public thermal baths integrated into the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. The tranquil oasis offers sleek indoor and outdoor pools, plus cold and hot water baths with bubbling jets and showers—a sure-fire way to relax and recharge. At Sauna World, serene surroundings and Nordic kelo huts host traditional ceremonies, show infusions, and ancient rituals. Chic design, timeless elegance, and luxurious comfort await at the 242 rooms of these two Grand Hotels: Grand Hotel Quellenhof & Spa Suites and Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz. Winner of the “GaultMillau Hotel of the Year 2021,” the resort’s seven unique restaurants spoil the palate with refined gastronomy from Asia, the Mediterranean, Switzerland, and beyond.

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A multi-disciplinary medical team with 20+ qualified doctors 15+ medical departments 700+ employees 14650 m2 wellness area

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The resort has three key areas of expertise: Nutritional medicine and lifestyle optimization Sports medicine and rheumatology Aesthetics and beauty Its holistic approach to health and wellbeing is guided by the core principles of medicine and healthy living. A multi-disciplinary team of esteemed practitioners view each person as a single complex entity—a conglomeration of mind, body, and soul. Doctors seek to identify underlying causes rather than combat symptoms. The clinic combines scientific diagnostic methods and conventional medicinal therapies with evidence-backed complementary medicine. The end result is the unique NEWYOU Method®, which has been proven to improve health, prevent disease, and sustainably increase your quality of life. Other medical competencies include: Pneumology Orthopaedics and traumatology Neurology Mental health Sleep medicine Vascular medicine Radiology Dental medicine Traditional Chinese medicine Medical laboratory

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Grand Resort Bad Ragaz
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