Clinic Bad Ragaz

Clinic Bad Ragaz

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Rehabilitation means more than simply restoring your mental and physical capabilities. At Clinic Bad Ragaz, rehabilitation is an art form that enables complete recuperation across all the sensory levels. Drawing on evidence-based research, world-class medical expertise, and luxurious five-star hotel facilities, Bad Ragaz offers customised and exclusive care.

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Clinic Bad Ragaz forms part of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. This sizeable medical resort resides only one hour’s drive from Zurich and St Gallen, tucked away in the eastern foothills of the Swiss Alps. It’ll take you three hours to get there from Munich and Milan. Liechtenstein and Austria also reside nearby. Patients can embark on excursions around the local area, including St Moritz, Lake Constance, and Appenzell. All these are easily accessible via public transport or private car.

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Clinic Bad Ragaz is a subsection of Valens Clinics, an extensive rehabilitation organisation with branches scattered throughout Switzerland. The clinic blends high-quality rehabilitation practices with five-star hotel amenities at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, a beacon for health and wellbeing since 1242.

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Medical expertise: Clinic Bad Ragaz incorporates multiple areas of inpatient rehabilitation: Musculoskeletal rehabilitation Cancer rehabilitation Post-surgery/treatment rehabilitation Neurological rehabilitation Long-COVID rehabilitation Staff at the clinic have extensive experience in modern medicine, which they apply in a customised and approachable manner. All Bad Ragaz doctors have a high degree of expertise in their chosen field, with many years of experience using high-quality rehabilitation practices. The patient is always the focus—you’ll receive customised, one-on-one care. If necessary, specialist doctors may offer bespoke consultations throughout your treatment programme. The team can perform highly targeted diagnostic examinations at the clinic thanks to the in-house medical laboratory and radiology facility. Thermal Water: Hidden deep within the mysterious Tamina Gorge lies an eternal spring of healing, a bubbling body-temperature thermal spring that’s been gurgling away for centuries. The most abundant thermal spring in Europe, the Tamina Gorge was first discovered in the Middle Ages (1242). Later, in the 16th century, famed alchemist and physician Paracelsus praised its immense healing properties. As the spring sits consistently at body temperature (36.5C) and has a low mineral content, it’s considered an acratotherm (hot spring) with unique medicinal benefits. The region’s healing and bathing traditions span several centuries and form the foundation of the modern rehabilitation therapies offered at Clinic Bad Ragaz today. World-class Amenities and Service: The clinic boasts three large rooms with balconies and a thermal spring water supply to meet individual needs. All offer comfort and style, with design elements like high ceilings, abundant sunlight, contemporary décor, and furnishings made from fine natural materials. Guests staying at the attached hotel, the Bad Ragaz Grand Resort, enjoy a slew of swanky five-star amenities. A balanced blend of luxurious comfort, cutting edge medical expertise, and holistic wellness philosophies will renew your strength and vitality. High-quality gastronomy comes a part of the package, from sushi bars to bistros and everything in-between. Cultural events like concerts regularly occur, and guests can enjoy a game of golf at the two in-house courses or games at the resort casino. Both patients and their relatives can partake in all these activities and more. Companions may choose to reside in the patient’s room or book their own space in one of the two five-star hotels within the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. Long COVID rehabilitation: The Clinic Bad Ragaz offers a highly specific rehabilitation concept for Long Covid patients. Many Long COVID patients see their everyday lives disappear in an instant and have no idea how they will get them back. The team of the Clinic Bad Ragaz supports affected persons with evidence-based therapies and a special approach specifically developed for the treatment of Long COVID. With empathy and understanding the team helps patients to get their normal life back. For further information please visit this website: Long COVID Rehabilitation - Clinic Bad Ragaz (

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Clinic Bad Ragaz
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